Galaxy S6 Rumors Taking Fire

After the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 the excitement towards the future generation Galaxy S smartphone is spreading like fire because Samsung hinted that they may use the flexible display for the first time in the smartphone. But since the past couple of months lots of things has been revealed for next generation Galaxy smartphone and on other hand Galaxy S5 is criticised by the people because of its design but let us tell you that it is one of the best optimized, efficient and fast gadget Samsung ever manufactured. Also, it’s display has win the tag of “best display smartphone” as it is really efficient and better in rendering. And the good news for Galaxy S6 followers is that, Samsung might bring it in the month of (October 2014) March 2015.

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Amazon have unbeatable price and it is most trusted site too. But if you want to stick on S6 only then you have to wait for couple of months. We regularly update this page to give you most up-to-date information. If you are curious to know the release date and other secret about S6 and upcoming S7 model of Samsung Galaxy series then you should join our newsletter.

UPDATE : Samsung released two new flagship phones; Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Currently they are available for Pre-Order. As we said earlier that Edge is totally new kind of curved phone where under the side of that phone you will able to see notification bar. You can check message and call history from sidebar only.

According to secret sources, phone will have aluminum body, please check out our concept images for that.  Company is working faster LTE chip, so that you can experience all the feature of 4G. Device might have 5.5 inch screen with 4GB of RAM. According to reports, S6 would have Flash on secondary camera, so now you will have perfect selfie phone.

galaxy s6 edge review and price

S6 to be the first Android smartphone to have 64-bit Snapdragon 810 that supports 4G LTE Advanced Cat 6. And 2K UHD display, 4GB RAM, 20MP will make it all interesting.


Galaxy S6Galaxy S series smartphones made the Samsung to achieve the first position in the market and these smartphone promised to be the most superior smartphone. No doubt at the launch of Galaxy S4 the pre order rates were surprising but slowly with the launch of different manufacturer smartphone the fire of S4 is lesser brighter now. Recently launched, iPhone 5S is one of the top most leaders in the market with its 64-bit chipset, its performance is unbeatable at this time. However, in the performance Galaxy Note 3 is also reaching to the iPhone level but still no Galaxy S smartphone exists at present which can lead. So, Samsung need something and its S series is ready to come with next fire i.e. Galaxy S5 and on other hand, guess what, Samsung is already planning Galaxy S6.

There are so many people who are seeking to have S6 and looking for availability in their countries.  Samsung usually keep gap of a year between release of their major Galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy S6 release date

There were rumors in the past couple of months that Samsung will schedule the Galaxy S6 release date in the month of August 2014 as Galaxy S5 was released in the month of April 2014. But now it seems like Samsung is going to make the balance in the market with upcoming Galaxy Note 4 possibly in the month of September and it will of course delay the release date of Samsung Galaxy S6. And now there is almost no possibility to see the Galaxy S6 even in the month of December 2014. Sorry Samsung fans, but we have to wait more. Let’s hope Samsung will bring something interesting in Galaxy Note 4 and next level of that thing would surely appear in the next generation Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy Concept

Galaxy S6 price

Samsung will fire the Samsung S6 with the most advanced hardware and software of the generation in the 2014 but the question is, everything would be under a good price range for a consumer? The answer is yes, however Galaxy Note 3 is one of the most costly phablet / smartphone that Samsung has ever launched and it is priced at 770 USD in most of the countries. Guess what, Galaxy S5 would also get the maximum price tag of the 750 USD in the beginning and later would be sold for pretty handsome discount and same thing would happen in the case with the Galaxy S6 price. But we are not sure because the flexible display concept could increase the cost. However the price of Galaxy S6 would be maintained in the range between 750 and 800 USD Max.

Galaxy S6 Specs and Features

As discussed above after the launch of Sony Xperia Z1 and iPhone 5S the sales of S4 are affected with really bad pace and still declining. However, on other side Samsung is climbing with next stair of its market the all new Galaxy Note 3 but the future is not so easy. Other manufacturers are also trying to bring the similar hardware devices and already there are few similar devices. Samsung has a name no doubt but people out there are getting intelligent and they are comparing every bit of a smartphone and most importantly the price & performance ratio. In just few days, Google will come with up the unbeatable price & performance ratio smartphone i.e. Google Nexus 5 whose price would be around just $299 and the performance would be matching the iPhone 5S criteria.

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Where Samsung will stand in the future if things will go like this? Well, we have an answer. Galaxy S5 is going to be the first Android smartphone to be powered with 64-bit processor chipset. Firstly there were rumors S5 would be powered with next generation 16-core chipset Exynos 8000 series but not it seems like, S5 would be powered with true Octa-core Exynos chipset but the good news confirms the presence of Exynos 8000 series chipset in the Galaxy S6.

The performance of Samsung Galaxy S6 would be defined by its internal hardware that would be better than your present laptop in many aspects.

• Samsung Exynos 8000 16-core processor / Snapdragon Qualcomm 810 64-bit
• 128GB on-board memory
• 5.2 inches Ulta High Definition display (4K) or full HD flexible display
• 21MP (Ultra Pixel Sensor) recording at 8K resolution (ready content for your 8K resolution TV)
• 3300 to 3500 mAh battery
• Android 5.0

These specifications are damn amazing if we think about 2013 but who knows, if some other manufacturers like Sony, HTC, ZTE or LG would come up with better or similar specs in 2014 so that if Samsung will launch them, then it would be indifferent.

Update: 09/02/2014- Galaxy S6 will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and modem 4G LTE Advanced Cat 6?

According to the latest information, the upcoming Snapdragon 810 would be powering our next flagship Galaxy S6. If we talk about the new chipset would be coming later this year, is based on 20nm technology and has 64-bit architecture.

The features of new chipset include the modem 4G LTE that would support Advanced Cat 6. And the integrated modem is designed to be paired with the radio frequency module and supports data transfer speeds at 300 Mbit / s in the most modern frequency ranges.

To be specific Snapdragon 810 uses 4-core 64-bit processors based on ARM Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 (high performance or efficiency, depending on the specific tasks), GPU Qualcomm Adreno 430 (support 4K displays and standard OpenGL ES 3.1, hardware tessellation and geometry shaders).

And new GPU hardware would improve the efficiency by 30%. Among other features of the Snapdragon platform includes support for LPDDR4 RAM standards. Also, a good news as we were expecting 2K resolution display in our S6 flagship and yes, the new chipset has the support for 4K video at up to 30 frames / s, and has two 14-bit image processor with a capacity of 1.2 rn / s and has ability to connect an external display 4K resolution via HDMI 1.4.

New Snapdragon 810 will allow to record video of 1080p at 120 frames / second. So, let’s wait for few months to hear all this information officially.

Update ( 23rd June, 2014 ) – S6 would be the first Galaxy series phone to get Octa-Core Exynos chip.

All Samsung fans know that Galaxy S5 is something new from Samsung but it was not revolutionary as expected and similar expectations are now set to the upcoming beast Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that might appear in couple of months in the market. And no doubt this is going to delay the release date of our beast i.e. Galaxy S6. Now there seems no possibility that S6 would appear even in the end of 2014. All possibilities hint towards the 2015. However, if you are expecting Galaxy S6 just after the release of Galaxy Note 4 then you won’t be wrong. And now you can set your expectations for the release month of S6 to be either January or February 2015.

The new rumors story would not end here, there is one more interesting rumors that suggests that Samsung has prepared the true Octa-Core Exynos chip that would first appear in the Note 4 and next level of that chip would support our Galaxy S6. So, next Galaxy S series phone would definitely take the performance and specs to the next level. QHD display, 4GB RAM and amazing camera sensor might be other interesting specs that would attract lots of Samsung fans to buy it.

Galaxy S6 Concept images:

Galaxy S6 flexible display

The more is not always the best

The above specifications are remarkable and will make Galaxy S6 the beast smartphone out there. Apple iPhone smartphone are still running 1GB RAM criteria, however the hardware optimisation is maximum but still Apple will need 2 year to reach such performance hardware as discussed above but Samsung will make it possible in an year only. But the reverse could be happen in this case. Apple will achieve the double performance with 1X hardware (with max software and hardware optimisation) and on other hand, Galaxy S6 again has to suffer as in the case of Galaxy S4. But the conclusion is not so easy, almost 10 months are left.

May be Samsung will bring such solution to the market which would be unbeatable in the performance. So let’s hope good this time for the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 future because, if they will make something different we will get something different to consume and excitement, fun and thrill would be doubled.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Galaxy S6, don’t forget to follow us on twitter, subscribe us and most importantly your comment feedback are most important to us, cheers!

There were rumors in the past couple of months that Samsung will schedule the Galaxy S6 release date in the month of August 2014 as Galaxy S5 was released in the month of April 2014. But now it seems like Samsung is going to make the balance in the market with upcoming Galaxy Note 4 possibly in the month of September and it will of course delay the release date of Samsung Galaxy S6. And now there is almost no possibility to see the Galaxy S6 even in the month of December 2014. Sorry Samsung fans, but we have to wait more. Let’s hope Samsung will bring something interesting in Galaxy Note 4 and next level of that thing would surely appear in the next generation Galaxy S6.

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  1. nice mobile but i want you to upgrade the battery life and facebook application to be designed and upgraded like we have the facebook on pc or in the samsung application you have given the site as full website for facebook on android but in it the videos and games are not running properly and bluemail in samsung app. in my samsung galaxy grand model gt-19082 and baseband version 19082ddubnb 1 .

  2. I’m still rocking the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And I must say it has been a great phone, the best I’ve ever owned as a matter of fact and it’s still going strong. Thus is the reason I’ve yet to bother upgrading.

    I was going to go with the Note 4 but after reading many posts on how it got laggy for many people. And then reading about having to take it in to Best Buy, to have some Geek Squad sales associate apply some kind of magic fix that has appears to have worked for many Note 4 owners. But I still hear from 60% of the reviews I read. The Note 4 has issues with lag. Mainly texting and opening app’s.

    I’m going to either end up with the smaller S6 or get a Note 4 and figure out why so many owners of the Note 4. Put, slow processor as one of the very few “con’s”.

    Though I’m going to wait for the S6 release and see how that goes and after a month or so decide on what phone to go with.

    The Note 4 is better in my book just due to the build quality. The only plastic on it is the backplate and that’s no issue for me because I like that you can put a SD card in it along with changing the battery if needed. And the screen size is something I like very much as well. The SPen is also something I thought I wouldn’t use much but still use it to this day to take quick notes during calls, ect.

    The S6 is going to have to be one sexy phone and have great battery life and on screen time. If I’m going to throw away the Bigger screen size, SD card, battery change (something I’ve never had to do with my Note 2 but like that I could do if I needed to) and last but not least, SPen.

    So I’ve got done research to do. It’s mainly because I’m on a limited budget, I can’t just buy a new phone if I don’t like the one I decide on.

    I generally keep my phones for at least a year and a half to two years. Before I upgrade, I just got lucky with my Note 2 I guess, because I’ve only had one other phone as long as I’ve had my Note 2 and that was the first Android phone. The HTC G1.

    Anyway. Good luck to anyone else planning or in debate about getting a new device.

  3. This must really be the worst English I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    I am still in doubt if it is a 9 year old or a Russian on wodka that is writing this bad, can hardly understand what is said here.

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