Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases 2016 – Screen Protector Reviews

Samsung is a reputable mobile giant company. In its line of production, the S7 is the latest mobile device. Using the Galaxy S7 case is very important.

Why should you use Cases for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

  • Protection: It is one of the most expensive phones in the world. Protecting it using the beautiful cases is a protection against potential damage in case it falls.
  • Aesthetics Functions: the cases are very beautiful and will enhance the appearance of you smart device. It is an addition of its aesthetic value.
  • Ease of Carriage: the covers make it easy to carry the galaxy S7. The way in which it has been designed is meant to enhance ease of carriage.
  • Offer Convenience: It have amazing features that make it convenient for you to use the cases. For instance, you can use a foldable case to hold down the device when reading documents.

samsung galaxy s7 edge cases and screen guard

The above mentioned are just some of the benefits and advantages for you when opted for screen-protector for galaxy s6 or other device.

Things to Consider when Buying Galaxy S7 Cover or case

When purchasing protector for your phone, there are a number of things that you should put into consideration. These factors will guide you into getting the best case for your cell phone.

  • Type of Cases

One of the considerations that should be made before buying a Galaxy S7 case is the type of case you need. There are different types such as pouches and flip cases. Some of these cases come with a hooking clip that enables them to be hooked to a belt. Therefore, you should know the type of case you want.

  • Cover Materials

Another major consideration that should be made when thinking of cases is the cover material used. The different materials used are a great determining factor. Some of the top materials being used are leather, neoprene, fabric and wool, plastic, metal and synthetic gel among many others.

  • Durability

Another factor that should be considered is the durability. A case that is durable is definitely the best option that you should opt for. The material used in manufacturing the cover has a great influence in determining its durability.

  • Pictorial Design

The most interesting aspect of these cases is the pictorial design. This is because most people use these cases for aesthetics functions. You should therefore choose the best designed cases for Samsung Galaxy S7.

  • Price

Finally, the guiding factor in choosing a screen-cover is the price. You should consider the price to measure up with your financial requirements. The cost should be measured up against the features.

The above mentioned are some of the factors that should be considered before opted up for any kind of brands.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases with useful review

To be discussed here below are some of the top rated and highly popular cases available in Amazon and other online shopping destination. In discussing these cases, the specs, design and unique features will be highlighted. It is from these that you can choose your preferred one.

1)      Smart Phone Wristlet, caseen®

This is a large Bella Wallet Case Clutch Purse manufactured by caseen. Some of the features of it are:

  • Large Size: It has a large size that makes it possible to keep your large Galaxy S7 comfortably.
  • Room for Accessories: this clutch purse has extra space that allows its users to not only store the phone but also other accessories such as credit cards.
  • Wrist Strap: it has a wrist strap that makes it easy to carry. It is therefore a convenient case.
  • Well Polished: this is a well polished case that is well finished to give an appealing look.
  • Durable: it is also a durable product that is bound to last for longer period.

Price: this case is sold in major online stores at only $

2)      Galaxy S7 Case by IVSO®

This is a high quality case that comes with a crystal clear glass protector. The case has multiple colors that you can choose from. Other amazing features of the case are:

  • High quality material: the case has been manufactured using high quality polycarbonate (PC) material.
  • Durable: the material used is quite durable and thus makes the case quite durable.
  • Firm and comfortable grip: the material used provides for a firm and comfortable grip that makes it easy to carry your S7 device using this case.
  • Dust and water resistant: it can survive even in water for the material is water resistant. It is also dust proof.
  • Elegant design: it has an elegant design that makes it appealing to the eyes.
  • Good rigidity: you can handle it as you wish for it is strong and hard to break.

Price: $$

3.) Peyou 3 in 1 Revolution [Premium Rugged] Case

If you want to keep your phone secure and safe from dust, socks and water then this is the best option for you. This S7 case has the following unique features:

3 in 1 Super Protective Case: this case is a 3 in 1 super protective case bragging of the following protective features:

  1. Water resistant screen guard: there is a water resistant screen guard in this product.
  2. Shock absorption: just to make it effective, it has a shock absorber that secures your phone.
  3. Dust resistant: the case is a dust resistant one that protects the phone from dust.

Landscape landing feature: it has a hard back case with a landscape landing feature.

High quality materials: the case is made with high quality polycarbonate and TPU materials.

Thin: the case is quite thin though compressed with high quality materials to make it effective in protecting your S7 device.

Price: $

4.) IVSO Slim and Sleek Case

This is a high quality hybrid KickStand case for Samsung S7. This is a specially designed for this Smartphone only. With a cute purple color, this S7 case is very unique. Here below are some of the features of this case.

  • Double protection: this case has double protection with TPU+PC hard plastic case from the outside and a soft inner rubber gel skin.
  • Perfect fit: it has been designed well to accommodate for easy access to all ports, speakers and camera.
  • Stable stand: it has a high quality stand for comfortable viewing.
  • Lifetime guarantee: there is a lifetime guarantee on this product.

Price: $$

5. ) KuGi Samsung S7 Case

It comes in a black color and has the following features:

  • Compatible with all carriers: this cover case has been specially designed for the Galaxy S7 smart phone. For that reason, it is compatible with all the carriers of the phone.
  • Access to controls: you can easily access the phone’s control such as volume and power button with this case.
  • Dust protection: it protects the Galaxy S7 from dust and any other external damage.
  • Ultra-thin: It is an ultra-thin but effective protective case that you can carry anywhere without any space problem.

Price: $$

6. ) CLEARVIEW by Luvvitt

This is a protective cover for the Galaxy S 7 being sold by luvvitt. The following are some of the key advantages;

  • Transparent: this is a high quality transparent protective case.
  • Excellent grip: the sides of this protective case have been ruffled to provide excellent grip that makes it easy to carry in the hand.
  • Advanced protection: the case offers advanced protection with its high quality materials and a shock absorber feature.
  • Bumper air pockets: the raised bumper guards offer protection for the screen as well as the camera.
  • Lifetime warranty: the company offers a lifetime guarantee for this protective case.

Price: $$

Conclusion – Which case is best for you?

The above mentioned are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S7 cases. You can choose from any of the above though the purple IVSO is much better given the price and functionality it provides.

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