Samsung Galaxy S6 Smashing Specifications

There is so much talk in town about the thrilling features that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with.

Below is the list of the features that the device will incorporate:

Wireless charging: Everybody is crazy about the wireless charging technology. This allows for charging of the device or gadget from anywhere and at any time. This device has optimally incorporated the wireless charging technology; thereby eliminating the need of portable chargers.

Mobile and Internet Network: The device is said to incorporate both the 2G and 3G mobile networks. Additionally, it will also incorporate the 4G LTE network. The benefit of this element is that it will allow for better internet access.

samsung galaxy vs iphone

Navigation tools: A smart phone that has a navigation tool is the most preferred among customers. Due to that demand, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a digital compass that will enhance better location searches and information display. In addition to that, it will also have GPS as well as A-GPS.

Weight: The lighter a smart phone is, the better the owner feels. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will weigh approximately 160 to 170 grams. With such kind of device, you will never feel as if you are carrying some additional weight around. However, you will always know that you have a powerful device at hand.

Galaxy S6 specifications

Processing unit: The device is said to have the Exynos 5 Hexa core processing unit. This will offer better user experience while accessing and using applications in the phone.

Internal memory: The internal memory of a gadget is the most crucial aspect of the device. This is because the internal memory handles the aspect of multitasking as well as allowing faster access to device applications. With that, the Galaxy S6 is said to incorporate up to 4 GB internal memory space. Additionally, it will have expandable secondary memory storage of 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.

Display: When it comes to smart phones, the display of the gadget is the most important thing. The bigger the display, the better view a user will get while handling phone applications. The Galaxy S6 will implement an Organic LED. In addition to that, the display will have a TouchWiz user interface and it will offer up to 16M colours. With such a display, there is so much value in the output that a used will get.

Battery power: Smart phones ought to have better battery capabilities. This is due to the fact that they have a number of applications all of which do consume some amount of power to keep them running. The Samsung galaxy S6 will have the 4000mAh Li-Ion battery. This will allow for longer talk time as well as stand by time.

Accessories: Every smart phone must have some flashy accessories that make it unique. With that, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have the following sensor accessories: Barometer, Accelerometer, Gyro-sensors and the Infrared technology.

It is with no doubt that this device will be the best that Samsung have ever designed over the past years.

59 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 Smashing Specifications

  1. I honestly like s5 better. Even though it may have some glitches, so does the iPhone. My friend had to get her iPhone replaced like 3-4 times because it kept freaking out in her. Plus the s5 has a back button that you can you for anything. The iPhone only has a home button or you have to do some funky thing to get it to come up. From a person who ends up going to the previous page and making a lot of mistakes in my clicking. A back button is super helpful. So is a settings button. So yes I like s5

  2. Well one thing for sure is, Samsung wouldnt delete the 32 gb device like apple did. That has to be the bigest Con job on the public to date. No one buys the 16gb as its to small, so they made No 32gb so you have the option only to go higher than this, and this makes apple bundles more money! Wake up! Fools. Samsung on the other hand has micro card exp storage and can go all the way to 128gb for not much money! No wonder apple is a billion dollar empire with this marketing stragety! its a win win win situation. And the people just keep laping it up

  3. Being a owner of apple and Samsung I strongly agree that samsung are way better in terms of everything they have the most advantage too being dust and waterproof but one your iPhone goes near water then that’s what 1k down the drain so samsungs are the best built phones too date and Samsungs you can use hand gestures and your eyes to actually browse instead of scrolling with your hands. Buy iphone are so Lame and boring.

  4. Iphone or i prone to crap and samsung may as well SAM SING all the way to the bin. Best phone is mine. two cups and a string – very very cheep. and very good.

  5. David verhagen you are a p….of…. sh….. you are paid from apple you know nothing I’m using samsung from since apples first iphone and samsung phones are no 1 in the world iphones are rubbish fffffff you and your iPhone

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