Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Comparison Review

By all means, Samsung remains to be the top phones’ manufacturer in the world. If you want to have the best phone in the world then you must be having the latest from Samsung. Currently, there is the Samsung Galaxy S5 that has been controlling the market for a very long time. It has been the best phone since its launch. But now, the Galaxy S6 is on the verge of being released.

Earlier, we published our review for Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 and now it’s time to compare Samsung’s same flagship cell-phone with each other.Will the S5 maintain its dominance over the S6? Well, that is a subject of debate but clearly, it is evident that the S6 will have an edge over its predecessor, the S5. The features that will come with S6 are what makes it be the best phone in the world. In order to understand the features of the phone, we will do a comparison of it with the S5, which was also the best phone in the past.

Review of Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S5 – Which is Best?

For a smooth comparison of the phones, we will highlight some features to be compared. Please have a look at each features and specification for both device one by one.
We will add more later add detailed comparison chart for both.

review of galaxy s6 or samsung s5

  • Design

The first of the comparison list is the design of the phone. While the S5 also has a good design, the S6 will come with a better design than the S5. Samsung has achieved a better sleek design that will put this phone as the best in the world for a good design.

  • Camera

Camera is usually another defining feature of a phone. Many phones are operating with rear cameras of about 5 megapixels. To many, this is a great achievement. The S-5 sees this as a joke for it has 16 megapixels as its rear camera. If you thought this was the best, then you need to look at the 20 megapixels rear camera the Samsung S6 has. The front camera of S6 stands at an amazing 5 megapixels while S5 is at 2.1 megapixels. Therefore, it is very evident that the S6 has a better camera than S5 and any other phone in the market.

  • In Built Memory

The Galaxy S5 has an inbuilt memory of 32 GB for storage and 2GB RAM. Things are much better with the Galaxy S6 which allows up to 128 GB memory for storage and 3GB RAM. What else in memory would you need if you have 128 GB being offered by Samsung in their latest handset technology?

  • Battery Life

Having a good battery is very essential for smartphones users. The S5 has a long battery life but that is nothing compared to the S6 which has an improved technology to give extended battery life. The S5 can sustain 21 hours on talk time and 16.2 days on standby. The Galaxy S6 has an extended battery life that can sustain slightly above 32 hours talk time and 21 days standby.

  • Display

The S6 definitely has a better display than the S5. Though the physical size remains the same at 5.1 inches, the resolution and pixel density of S6 is superior to that of S5. The Galaxy S6 has a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels while S5 has 1080 x 1920. The pixel density of S6 is at 576 ppi while that of S5 is 432 ppi. It’s display is far better than Grand 3 which was released just a month ago.

  • Processor

For efficient running of the phone, the phone must have a good processor. Galaxy S5 is a quad core 2500 Mhz, Krait 400. The S6 is 8-core, 1800 Mhz, ARM Cortex A-53 and ARM Cortex A-57 and its 64 bit. This has made its functionality to be improved by far.

Conclusion – Why you should buy S6 over Galaxy S5?

Since last 7 months Samsung’s research team is doing lots and lot of experiment and they decided to come up with the flagship phone that has large internal memory (ROM), good RAM and higher Camera features. It is for a sure that Galaxy S7 would be the first flexible smartphone from the company and S6 is going to be far better in term of CPU performance and lookwise.  Since last three series they mostly didn’t made any big changes in design but now they are planning for that and you will see the difference too. When S5 was released in March 2014, it was so costly and that’s why so many people avoid it but now Samsung decided to launch S6 at less price or with some launch offer, so that potential customer attract to buy it without any hesitation. From the above comparison, it is clear that the Galaxy S6 is a better phone than the Galaxy S5 and therefore recommended for consumers. If you want to compare S6 with Nexus 6 then you should checkout our previous post. Both are high end phone from prestigious brands.

19 thoughts on “Galaxy S6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Comparison Review

  1. This is the best phone I have ever had! I love it! If it’s not working for you, take it back and have it replaced. I love my G6!

  2. The claims for standby time for the S6 are a total crock. Fully charged at 10pm, 53% left at 7am the next morning. No use, “power saving” mode on, no GPS. This truly sucks!

  3. This information isn’t right. This is what I do for a loving.. the s5 is only a 13 megapixle when the s6 is only 16 megapixle not 16 vs 20.

  4. Either I have a bad phone or Samsung just completely made these numbers up.
    I have to charge my S6 3 times a day with about 1 hour or solid usage throughout the day.
    The battery is the worst battery I’ve ever seen in any phone.

    I guess I need to take mine back.

    1. You have got to be taking pretty bad care of it to get that… although, these numbers are probably accurate if you completely run the battery out of charge and fully charge it before using it… that’s sort of cheap, I have to admit. Better luck next time and I hope you enjoy your phone. (personally, I can’t wait till I get mine☺)

    2. It’s true that s6 has 32 hours talk time….
      If you charge it for at least 10 times!!

      I hate myself for spending that much money for a crappy phone like s6!! Should have chosen s5 instead!

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