Motorola Moto G4 Release Date, Specs, Features and Price

For quite a number of years now, Motorola Company has been sidelined in controlling the high end mobile phone sales in the world. Their production of high end smartphones had declined giving their competitors an edge to the market. This trend changed when Motorola started producing their Moto G smartphone series. This series has been a success to the company. After releasing their latest Motorola Moto G3, smartphone users could not stop from commenting on the upcoming Motorola Moto G4. In doing so, we will highlight the expected release date, specs, new features and the price of this new smartphone. If you are having Samsung S7 Galaxy or other series smartphone and looking to buy new gadget then check this page  before making any purchase this year.

The Expected Release Date for Motorola Moto G4

The sales and marketing department in the Motorola Company has been calculating on the best possible release date for their new technological handset device – the Motorola Moto G4. They had to study the prevailing market trends before setting a release date for Moto 4 smartphone. Trusted sources from within the company has exclusively leaked to us that the new device will be out in the market at the beginning of September this year.  Galaxy Note6 will also be released on same month, so there will be tight fight between these to companies. This will be in a bid to release their device before their competitors do so.

release date of motorola moto g4

So September is the month, and an early date, probably 5th, is the exact date of release. Announcement will have to be done early in anticipation to the release of their latest mobile phone. But even with the release date nearly confirmed, people have been asking of the expected specs and features of the phone.

The specs and unique features of the phone will be discussed here below.

Unique Features of Moto G4

Here below are some of the unique features that have been developed from its predecessor, the Motorola G3.

  • 4 G: this is the Motorola smartphone that will highlight the developments in the 4th generation network. It will be a great boost for the company to have a 4G phone at this time.
  • Improved Sensors: the new Motorola will come with new improved sensor abilities. According to our trusted sources, the newly added sensors will include temperature, barometer and gyroscope. This is in addition to the compass, accelerometer, light and proximity sensors that are in its predecessor phone, the Moto G3.
  • Water Resist: It is actually rumored that the new Motorola Moto G4 will be water resistant. It is expected that the phone will sustain emersion of to water of less than a meter of depth for up to 30 minutes. But even with such a shallow depth, there is much to celebrate since it is a great improvement.
  • Bulged Edge: it is expected that the phone will have a bulged edge to improve on speed and performance of the phone. The bulging, however, will not be as smooth as the one for high end Samsung phones. This is in a bid to avoid infringing Samsung trademarks.
  • Curved Screen: Motorola will be releasing its first real curved phone this September when they release their Moto G4. Samsung already released that for The Galaxy S6. The curved screen will also improve the user’s experience and thus make it more fun to use.

The screen is not only curved but will come with a unique feature that makes it foldable.

  • Foldable: the phone will come with a unique feature that makes it flexible while still maintaining its stability. It will be the first of its own kind folding phone ever manufactured by Motorola.

Of course there are a dozen more features that the phone will present but these are some of the top features that the phone will be boosting of. What defines a phone is usually not within the outer appearance and the flashy news on its features but rather the defined specs of the phone. We want to critically examine the expected specs of the Moto G4 and see how the company has improved the yet to be released smartphone.

Motorola G4 Specifications

As a guide to getting the full specifications of the phone, we will highlight each spec and look at its improvement.

  • Display: It has been rumored that Motorola will be using a more impressive full HD 1080p display on their new device. This will definitely boost users experience by far. In addition to the improved display, the display is expected to be increased to 5.0 inch from the previous 4.5 inch.
  • Design and Color: the design will definitely be sleek, curvy and beautiful. The bulged edges will complete the curve well. Users will choose from either black or white as the phone color.
  • Camera: with such an amazing display that the phone will have, the company improved their camera resolutions to an amazing 13MP rear camera and 2MP front camera. At least the photo and video experience will also be improved.
  • Battery: the smartphone is expected to come with an irremovable battery capacity of 2470 mAh.
  • Operating System: having used the android version of 4.4.2 in the predecessor phone, the Moto4 will operate under the Android 5.0 Lollipop. This will definitely improve the performance of the phone and thus make it an efficient smartphone.
  • Memory: memory of course will be improved. The new G4 will come with internal memory of 16 GB and 4 GB RAM. This will of course complement the speed of the phone. There is also the external memory card slot that can support memory of up to 64 GB. In addition to all these, users will be given 100 GB cloud storage.

These are just some of the specs that have been improved from what is already there in the preceding phone, Moto G3. Otherwise, a long list of specs will be released when the official announcement to confirm the release date will be held.

Motorola Moto G4 Price for different countries

Though there is no official communication about the expected price of the phone, we have independently established the price of the new phone upon its release. Here below is a list of expected prices as per the following countries:

  • United States of America: $320 USD
  • Canada: $390 Canadian Dollar
  • UK: 200 British Pound Sterling
  • Australia: 410 Australian Dollar
  • India: 21, 467 Indian Rupee
  • South Africa: 4,213 South African Rand
  • France: 280 Euro

At least you now have an idea of the retailing price of the price before it is officially released.

Why should you Buy this Moto G4?

Having seen all the features of this phone, you definitely will make a wise choice to purchase this phone. Of course there are other phones with similar features but none of these phones can match the relatively cheap price of the Moto G4. Motorola is making a comeback into the market and is actually selling this phone at a discounted price just to win trust of mobile phone users. Be among the first to grab your Motorola Moto G4 after the 5th September, 2016 release date.

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