Galaxy S6 Release Date

Reasons Why Galaxy S6 Release Date Is Buzzing In the Market

Samsung devices do not disappoint; at least a majority of consumers can confirm this. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is about to be released into the market, and most consumers can hardly wait. You should expect that the device will have better specifications that send shivers to the competitors. It will however be a thrill to the consumer market. After availability of S5 most of people is searching and eagerly waiting for the more desired Smartphone (i.e Galaxy S6) from Samsung. By reading this article you will get estimation about the launch date of S6.

Update : We have confirmed news that Samsung is going to release their new flagship S6 on March 1st. Please keep checking this page to get more news about newly added features and everything else.

The release of some of these great devices is something that the consumer market has to wait, at least long enough to ensure that there is success and satisfaction in the ultimate need. However, some of the facts have a way of finding into the consumer market, even when there is no official announcement from the manufacturers. The Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is no exceptional; we already have had some facts about the release date, specifications and price.

Galaxy S6 release date

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The Excitement about the Release Date: Reasons


The Galaxy S6 will be in the market in the second quarter of the year 2014. The actual date and month is not yet announced, but you can be sure that Samsung will not keep us waiting. The excitement about the release date is based on specifications such as 18 Megapixels Rear Camera, Android V6 Milkshake, great screen that has better resistant capabilities from dust and water. You can also expect some great features such as a 6.7 handset thickness, a 4 GB RAM and an Octa Processor from the device. If you buy this device, you will be guaranteed of better performance than most of other similar deices in the market. The internal device is said to be far much better than your current laptop.

It is thrilling to know that you will not only be buying a Smartphone, but also a phone and a tablet at the same time. The design for the device is rumored to be eye catching and an obvious improvement from what you have already seen in the market today. For these reasons, the consumers can hardly wait for the release of the Galaxy S6 into the market. It is important to note that the consumer is not always treated to what they have been promised by the phone manufacturers. Sometimes, you may have thought that the next device is better and bigger; just like we expect from the Galaxy S 6. However, considering the fact that there is still time before the release date, you could expect that Samsung will not disappoint the consumer this time.

The Release Date Is Sooner Than You Think

Samsung had promised to release the next device, Galaxy S5 at the beginning of the next year, 2014 and probably release the Galaxy S6 early in 2015. However, there is a lot of competition pressure, and such a date would keep the clients waiting, probably choosing to buy other devices. It is obvious that the competitors are coming with new and better devices every day, and Samsung may not want to be left behind. Survival in the consumer market necessitates that Samsung announces the Galaxy S6 sooner than later. As such, it is expected that the latest release date would be in the month of August. You and I can only hope that Galaxy S6 will have the most unbeatable performance, and that the remaining time before its release is used to perfect it. The Galaxy S6 release date possibilities still hints toward 2014 release.

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  1. the release date will probably be august 2014 lol when did he write this January last year its 2015 and it aint out yet and it is now march 13th so march 1st aint happening is it

  2. Id liketo know the differnce between galaxy s5 and s6 as ihave a galaxy s4, I would like to upgrade from my telstra store iandrdont want to miss outgo

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