Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release date, Specs, Price, Features and Rumors

In this busy schedule, phones are like an important part of our life and in market you will get n-numbers of phones and phone companies. From last few years there is a boost in the industry to get new products and catch more clients. Samsung is counted amongst top 5 companies and Galaxy series is the best smart-phone by this company. We are trying to put your focus on Samsung’s Note series phablet “Note 6”. Here below is your full guide about Note 6 –features, price, specific qualities, etc.

Samsung Specs for Galaxy note 6 will be bit advanced then upcoming S7. We are expecting super high speed CPU with 4 GB RAM on that. You can play Video Game, Songs and few more activities simultaneously without any loading issue. They are working on that and you will soon get good news on at the time of release of s7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Specs and rumors about Features

Before the launch of this handset which is being considered to be a dream phone we are assuming some specific qualities in it which shall surely make it different:

Wireless Charging:  what could be something better than this a wireless charging cable which shall support charging and battery saver. This shall not just save battery but charge it double in a very short span.

Display: We will really love it for having 4K SUPER AMOLED display and nearly 6 inch size which would pump out 600+ ppi

Memory and storage: The rumor that the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might be available in 3 variants based on storage capacity: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64GB and further expandable to 128 GB. The other assumption floating over net is that it has 4GB RAM. This will just be cleared on the launch announcement but the storage point has surely made this phone amongst the top list.

Powerful Retina and Finger print Scanner: This is just another wow to the product. This shall make it a strong lock for privacy control. So, you will have the full control on whether you want to let it open for checking or you want your private things under your supervision.

5MP wide angle front camera: Now, the selfy-lovers shall not have to be disappointed. We seriously hope this feature to be as expected.

Processor: Assumptions are being made that the device shall feature an Octa core processor clocked at 2.9 GHz with 64 bit architecture which is further expected to be Exynos and Quad Core Snapdragon 808 variant.

galaxy samsung note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release date and prices

The expected release dates in different countries are as follow: September 2016 (expected date shall be 3rd or 4th)in India, US, UK, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Russia, Japan, UAE, Germany and Canada.

We expect the Galaxy Note 6 to cost somewhere between £550 Inc VAT and £599 Inc VAT which makes up around or more than 857.56 in US Dollar.  India around Rs 54000-59000/-  For while china price would be 5324.21 Yuan. In Japan the cost may be very much with 101884.77 Yen.  European countries shall land up at around 700 Euros.  Samsung has announced Note 6 to just have a quarter of increment than the price of Note 5.

We have heard about lot of things coming up in this new handset. We really expect lot much more as compared to older version:

Note 5 is smaller in size than the Note 5. To be detailed, Note 4 is 9 percent long, 8 percent wide and 5 percent thick than the GN5.

Note 5 has resolution of 2560×1440 515 ppi and Note 6 has 1920×1080 432 ppi. Both the handsets have AMOLED screens, rich in color and have high contrast. But, Note 5 is the first Quad HD. Note 5’s has 25 percent more display area. GS5 and Note 5 both have Gorilla Glass. Thus, they are dust and scratch proof.

Fingerprint sensor
Both have a swipe-based fingerprint sensor in its home button. It  is expected to have it more strengthened with retina scanner as well.

Latest Note mode, would be 15-18% lighter than Note 5, so that you won’t report it as bulky device.

Series 4 had faux leather (plastic) with metal band edges. GS5 feels like leather with a dimpled texture which gives a sense of metal, both are comfortable in hand. Aluminium finished edges, with an all metallic curved body that makes it look classy.

The Galaxy Note has a stylus, which you can suitably stash inside the phone when you aren’t using it. Samsung Company says that the Note 5′s S Pen has double the pressure sensitivity then it’s any other model. However, for Note 6 it is expected to be Compatible with Gear 4.0.

Water resistance
As you know that, Note-5 was not water resistant. However, GN 5 can stay under 1 meter (around 3.3 feet) in water for half an hour.

Heart rate monitor
Both have heart rate monitor built in which makes it likely for health lovers.

The pixel count for both is same but, GN5’s camera has fast launch time which makes it pretty superior. It is expected to have an 18 Megapixel, 1/3″ sensor camera with f2.0 Aperture and 4K recording capability. CMOS image sensor, LED, bursts mode, digital zoom, geo-tagging, high dynamic range model.

The Note 5′s camera had optical image stabilization. But Galaxy Note 6 does not have.

Previous version had good battery life and we believe Note 6 to cross this benchmark. It is expected 3900 mAh battery will be added with this device. We expecting that company will arrange same type of bigger battery for Samsung Grand 3 device too, so that we can have device with good battery life.

Ultra Power Saving Mode
The GN4 has a good software feature of 24 hours back-up plan. Which makes Samsung stand out in the queue; we expect this feature to be more improved in Galaxy note 6.

The version 4 is compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, where as Samsung Note6 has micro USB 3.0 cables which shall charge it with more speed and may be 100% in half an hour.

Both have built in IR blasters thus, lets your phone behave as remote control for your TV and cable/satellite box.

Split-screen multitasking
On Note 5 you have multi-tasking tied with recent apps button, but, in Note 6 the back button has to be pressed to activate multi-tasking.

One-handed mode
One-handed mode is available on both handsets to make it convenient for use with single hand.

Virtual reality
The Note4 is compatible with Oculus- powered gear VR headset and GS5 is expected to use Google cardboard.

The Note-4 has updated Snapdragon processor; GS5 is expected to have Octa core processor clocked at 2.9 GHz. While some people is saying that it could have Exynos 7 Octa core processor clocked at 2.9GHz and Snapdragon Qualcomm 808 chipset.

There is strong rumor that Note 5 will come with Android Lolly Lop 5 operating system to give you all the latest feature of Android. It will have Samsung’s TouchWiz UI garnished on top. specs of Galaxy S7 say that it will also have Android version 5.

galaxy note 5  launch date and specs

Why you should buy Galaxy Note 6 of Samsung over others?

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 has so many updates and changes made in its last model Note 5. The software updates, water resistant screen, power saving mode, battery life and the RAM makes this device outstanding and special. There are lots of features to be checked in the device as compared to its father-model. GN5 was large in size but, lot many things have been added and improved in the recent version of Note. Samsung has always brought things beyond competition in affordable budget.

With iPhone and Samsung competing with each other at each and every level and services, the iPhone 6 and Note 5 shall be compared in all senses. General public can experience the standardized services of Note 5 which are identical to that of iphone that too in reasonable budget. I am sure there would be strong competition between Galaxy S6 of Samsung and Note 5, but we know that company will try to make their specs and features advance, so that they can attract more and more buyers.

The expected release dates in different countries are as follow: September 2015 (expected date shall be 3rd or 4th)in India, US, UK, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Russia, Japan, UAE, Germany and Canada.

Galaxy Note6 might have some advanced feature like Crystal-clear screen and blood touch menu.

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