Samsung Note 6 Price, Release date, Specs

Samsung is set to once again stamp its authority in the competitive Smartphone market. Just a few months after the company rolled out its latest mobile phone, the Samsung S6 Edge, it is expected that soon another big product will hit the market.

It is the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 that is set to be released soon. The new technological device follows a series of the Note Smartphones, which have gained much popularity due to their high level efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Rumors and Edge Release Date

Even before the date of release has been announced, there are already rumors about this new phablet. Apart from the specs of the phone, which will be highlighted, there are rumors that the new Samsung device will be coming with a foldable display. Yes, a foldable display is what Note users should gear up for. This bendable display was rumored in the preceding Note 5 but the tightened production times never made it possible.

As per the track record of Samsung, we can say that next Galaxy Note 6 Edge will be available in market in September, 2016. Exact release date is not available but we are 99% sure that it you can see next Note series phone on 1st week of September just after release of iPhone 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Edge Release Date

To support the bendable display, the new device is expected to come with a 6.2” screen. This will not only make bendable display more interesting but also work to improve the general perception of the phone. With such a large display, this phablet will slowly roll into the tablet market.

Another ongoing rumor about the phablet is that it will be the first of the Note series to have 5G connectivity. This is the latest connectivity technology that Samsung is working on and it is expected that the Galaxy Note 6 will be the first carrier of this technology. With it, the best speeds must be present.

More Samsung Apps are expected in this new phone. There definitely will be more and exciting apps in this device. This should not be treated as a rumor since we are all sure that Samsung must always update their Apps store. The rumor is that the Apps will be health conscious that will make many of its users appreciate it.

Another rumor that is ongoing is that the new device will be limited certain markets. It is rumored that Samsung will limit the market of this phone should it introduce 5G connectivity as a feature of the device. This is argued is it is a way of ensuring that the best of the device is experienced where 5G connectivity will be fully supported by the already existing network infrastructure. Many African and Asian nations will not be a happy lot should this rumor be true.

The concept of wireless charging will also be conceptualized in this new device. It has worked with other phones and making it real with this super device will not be any difficult.

Highly rumors Galaxy Note 6 Edge Features

Apart from the stated rumors, there are other interesting features that Samsung users will be exposed to once this new device hits the market. Some of the leading features, which have been improved from the preceding phones, will be highlighted here below.

  • 3D Camera

The 3D technology is finally here and Samsung will not hesitate to put is a leading feature to improve the camera experience. A 3D camera will ensure that the camera experience is at its best.

  • Self-Healing Feature

This is one of the newest features that the Samsung Note6 will bring into play. A self-healing feature is a unique feature that puts the phone in a position of maintaining its shape and design for ages. In other words, self-healing feature will guarantee users maximum durability while using the device.

  • Improved Multi-tasking Abilities

The target market for this device has made it possible to include many multi-tasking features that will open ways to advanced multi-tasking abilities. With this device, you will be able to multitask with much ease.

  • Fast Charging

In addition to the wireless charging technology, the device is also expected to come with fast charging abilities. In just 5 minutes, the phone would charge to a capacity capable of pushing you for more than 12 hours.

These are just some of the few unique features that will be brought into play. Any feature that has not been mentioned here and it is in the preceding Notes has to make it in this new device.

The Amazing Specifications of Samsung Note 6

As it was with the features, only the leading and improved specs will be highlighted here below.

  • Operating System

Not unless Android advances its operating systems, the new device will go for the currently trending Lollipop OS.

  • Scanner and Sensors

There are major improvements from the normal scanners and sensors to complex ones such as shockproof sensor, fingerprint scanner, waterproof surround and dustproof display.

  • Camera Specs

As the leading phone in the market, the Note6 is expected to come with a magnificent 30 MP front camera and a powerful 21 MP back camera. This is meant to improve video calls experience thus the reason to focus on the front camera.

Of course other features like image stabilization, auto focus and auto zoom will feature in the Galaxy Note 6 phone.

  • Memory Capacity

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will have all the memory options that you had for its predecessor phones i.e.  16, 32, and 64 GB. But on top of this regular memory options, there will be a 128 BG and massive 256 GB options.

These are some of the leading specs and features of the device. Of course, there is no device that can match this one here. Find out about its price and release dates here below.

Expected Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 6

The standard retail price will be $1100 USD. This price will reflect on different world currencies as follows:

  • Australia Dollar: $1420 AUD
  • British Pound: 700
  • Canadian Dollar: 1350
  • Euro: 970
  • Danish Krone: 6670
  • Indian Rupee: 68,051

It should be noted that Price for Edge model might be different than the regular one.

When will Note6 Edge be released and Why should you buy that?

With the world still digesting what Samsung has been released recently including the Samsung S7 Edge and the Note 5, it is expected that people will have to wait just a little longer to get hold of this device. It is expected that the new Note 6 will be released in the 1st or 2nd week of September 2016. This is following the recent trend by Samsung in releasing its high end devices. So get ready for September next year.

Once Galaxy Note6 of Samsung hit the market, buying this device will make you on top of world’s technology. All the improvements that need to be made in a phone have been done here. This is seen as the ultimate device of this millennium.

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