Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 Release Date, Specs, Features and Price

Samsung is definitely a leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world. All the Samsung Smartphones have always been selling large volumes upon their release. Now we have the trendy Galaxy Note 5 Edge. This Smartphone has quite a number of interesting features that make users love it a lot. But while people are still enjoying this Galaxy Note Edge, Confirmed reports have it that Samsung Company is in the verge of releasing an updated version of this Smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2. Though the phone has not been released, rumors about it are overflowing the technological arena. There is much expectation about the release of this new technological gadget.

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What is the Expected Release Date of Galaxy Note Edge 2?

Last year September, Samsung Company chose Berlin to launch the predecessor of the Note Edge 2. Noting this release date, our sources inside the company have confirmed that the release date is set to be announced before the end of September 2015. Therefore, in September this year, the new flashy phone will be selling in the market.

While the previous phone was launched in Berlin Germany, the new Note Edge2 will however, be launched in a different continent, far from Europe. It is in the United States of America where the new Samsung will be launched. Samsung is targeting the American market as its launching base due to the large population in the country. The launch in America will be followed by intensified marketing campaign in Europe to capture the European market before their competitors gain grounds.

Samsung Galaxy Note edge 2 price and release date

Not only do we have the release dates of the smartphone, but also have information about the design, features and the new specifications that Samsung is bringing into play.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge2 Design and Features

Rishi Ramesh is once again in charge of designing this new smartphone. He has done wonders in designing the concept of this new phone. Just like its predecessor, the Galaxy Note Edge 2 will have a bulged edge. Of course, the bulged edge has been a key design in ensuring that users navigate through the phone quickly. The bulged edge also makes it efficient. In a nutshell, the design of the this Smartphone will be similar to its predecessor.

Much difference will be noticed in the features and specifications as will be highlighted here below:

All the features of its predecessor phone will be available. But in addition to that, there will be massive improvements on some features. Here below are some of the top features that you should expect from NoteEdge2.

  • Eye Scanner: Leave alone the normal fingerprint scanner as the way to secure a smartphone. It brings in a new retina eye scanner as its security. But this feature has increased its price tremendously.
  • 3D Camera Technology: this is yet another interesting feature that we may see after release of Galaxy S7 and you may see that in all the high end phones.

The above mentioned are not the only features of the phone but rather the improved features from Grand 3.

Galaxy Note Edge 2 Specifications:

As expected the specifications are superior to all the Samsung smartphones that are in the market. In looking at the specifications, we will highlight individual spec and highlight what is offered in the new smartphone.

  • Battery: the battery’s capacity of the new smartphone will be of 3500 mAh. Another interesting feature about the battery is that it will be non-removable. This only shows how long lasting the battery is. It is rumored that the battery can stay awake for up to 72 hours on talk time.
  • Camera: It comes with a rear and front camera to improve photo experience. What amazes is the 5 megapixels front camera. This will help in taking good selfies. The rear camera is much superior with 21 megapixels at your disposal for fine photos or videos. There will be an LED flashlight on the rear camera to improve the quality. Needles to mention, all amazing camera features such as 3D, Auto Focus, Auto Zoom and Optical Image Stabilization will be present in this new phone.
  • Memory: the phone will accommodate unimagined memory capacity. There will be a 32, 64 and 128 GB memory phones. In addition to this, the phone will allow for expansion of the memory for up to 256GB with an optional micro SD card.
  • RAM: the phone will have 4GB RAM for supporting the OS.
  • Operating System: the device will be run on an Android 5 Lollipop platform. This is the latest operating system from Android and thus the phone will be operating on the best platform to boost internal performance.
  • Processor: Octa-core snapdragon QUALCOMM 810 processor.
  • Screen: The phone will have a superior screen display of 5.7” 4K.
  • Sensors: there are installed sensors within the phone that will enhance users’ experience. Some of the preinstalled sensors include; accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyro, proximity, heart rate, SPO2 and UV.

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2

There are rumors that the phone will not be sold in limited market as it was the case with its predecessor, which was conspicuously missing in some markets. It is rumored that this will be available in all the markets though not on the same dates. Consumers should be happy about this rumor should it be true.

It is also rumored that the Edge 2 will have a bendable display. Early in the year, there were reports that Samsung would release at least one bendable phone this year. Trusted sources reveal that the company decided to have this feature installed in the Note Edge2.

There is also a rumor that this phone will be equipped with 5G connectivity. Users from all over the world are anxious to see whether this rumor will be true.

What is the Expected Price of Samsung Galaxy Edge 2?

With all the improved features of this new smartphone, people are eagerly waiting to know the retailing price. Inside information has leaked to us the expected price of the Samsung Edge 2 in some of the top countries. Here below is the list of expected price as per country.

  • United States: $1000 USD
  • Australia: 1223 AUD
  • Canada: 1161 Canadian Dollar
  • England: 641 British Pound Sterling
  • Germany: 826 Euro
  • France: 826 Euro
  • India: 63, 205 Indian Rupee
  • Singapore: 1324 Singapore Dollar
  • South Africa: 11,502 South African Rand
  • Switzerland: 994 Swiss Franc

These are some of the expected prices for the company as per the given countries.

Wrapping up this Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2 early rumors

Well, the world is eagerly awaiting the release of this phone. Given the expected specs and unique features that the phone will have against its price, consumers are advised to strive and get the phone on the first release. You should check our Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s comparison to get idea about which is the best suitable phone for you. At least there is always a good feeling to having used the first batch of a super release such as the expected Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2. Do not wait to be told, get your money ready and wait for the release date that is set to be in September.

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