Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 – Compare them

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: How do they compare?

Apple’s newest release -iPhone 6 has received praises and criticism all over the Smartphone world. The iPhone 6 has stunned Apple loyalists but not so much the hard core android fans. Androiders have opted to wait until 2015 for the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 which is rumored to be an iPhone 6 killer with its cool features.

The South Korean tech company Samsung has hinted that the flexible display may be used for the first time ever in its Smartphone series in the Galaxy S6. After having seen the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, it is now widely expected that Galaxy S6 will resemble and exceed its predecessors in looks and functionality. As you know that Samsung has already released Galaxy S6 at the Barcelona-based Mobile Word Congress conference between 2 and 5 March 2015.

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I have put together a comparison between the iPhone 6 specs to the rumored features of the Galaxy S6 for those of you who are undecided between Samsung and the Apple Smartphone.

Detailed Comparison : Samsung or Apple ?

  Samsung Galaxy S6 iPhone 6
Body Design The S6 is reported to sport a metal casing similar to the recently released Galaxy Alpha, departing from the usual plastic casing of Galaxy S handsets. It is believed that the S6 could use graphene in its design elements. Some reports say that Galaxy S6 will have a screen that is curved at the end. The iPhone 6 versions are the thinnest iPhone to date. It flaunts Apple’s signature aluminum casings and has rounder, smoother edges than previous versions
Screen The S6 is speculated to come with a slightly larger screen display than the iPhone 6 at 5.2 or 5.3-inches. Other reports claim that the handset will have quad HD (1440 x 2560) Super AMOLED screen resolution with a 4K pixel resolution. It is also expected to come with a QHD panel. The iPhone 6 is large with its 4.7 inches screen size and iPhone 6 plus is even larger at 5.5 inches.
Operating System South Korean OS, Tizen may not be used for the S6 despite rumors. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will most likely come equipped with the upcoming Android 5.0 L. The iPhone 6 comes equipped with the latest iOS 8
Processor (speed test) Prepare to be amazed with its speed as the S6 is rumored to come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 or 810 processor with 64-bit architecture. LPDDR3 memory and a range of battery management improvements is also expected to be introduced. The handset will also be backed with Adreno 430 graphics chip to support the high res images and videos. The new iPhone 6 versions are highly impressive with their A8 chip and M8 graphics processor.
Camera The new S6 is reported to come with a remarkable 20 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization. The iPhone 6 versions seem less impressive at only 8 megapixels.
Battery Life The S6’s heavy duty features will be supported by an appropriate battery which is 30% more efficient in performance and has longer battery life as compared to that of other Galaxy S Smart-phones. The iPhone 6 has a powerful battery that has been advertised to run for up to 14 hours.
Storage Capacity The Samsung S series are already well known for their generous internal storage spaces and the new S6 is gossiped to have an even bigger space plus a MicroSD slot for external memory options. The storage options on iPhones are becoming massive with the iPhone 6 series offering up to 128 GB.

Considering the S5 released this year has come with water resistant coating, fingerprint scanner incorporating home button and rear-mounted heart rate sensor, you can expect the S6 to have all of this and a little extra. Although no indication on the expected price of the S6 has been made so far, we can expect it to retail for £600 and above as the S5 cost £579 on a SIM-free basis at its launch.

galaxy s6 or iphone 6 - which is best?

With Samsung S5, the company created a unique segment of Smartphone altogether. And now the Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 is expected to come with amazing features that we just can’t wait to get our hands on. Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to exceed iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with 20 MP rear camera and is all set to replace Galaxy S5 in early 2015, most probably in February at the IFA 2015 event and will hit store shelves the following month.Till now, there is no official information about the release date of this much awaited Smartphone.

Conclusion – Why should you buy S6?

The iPhone 6 series are a hit market wise selling more than 10 million units in just three days since it hit the shelves. It was sleeker and looked better than the usual design. The edge that Apple holds over other smart phones on the market is the brand name that Apple has managed to build over the years. But when Samsung has managed to build smart phones that offer more features for less money the trend may be expected to change. With the S6 expected to debut the market at a cheaper price than the retail price of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple is looking at some serious drop in its market share. Based on the leaked specs and features of the S6, I think it is safe to say that the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to be a spotlight stealer which is all set to give Apple a run for its money.  I am pretty sure it’s well worth the wait for S-6. What do you think? Please share your experience and inputs by commenting here. If you really enjoy reading this page then you should share it with your social friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

146 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 – Compare them

    1. It appears, given your uppercase letters and inability to spell “which” properly, that you may prefer a “dumbed-down” phone for people that are “challenged.” In this case, I would suggest the iPhone for you.

      If, in fact, your small brother or small sister wrote this question for you, and you are not nearly as “challenged”, then make the choice to get a phone that does not trail in technology by two years and get a Samsung Galaxy S6.

      I would argue that buying an iPhone because Vivian says it is delicious is a retarded reason to purchase an iPhone. If, however, you do the research, you will find that Samsung leads in technology, they do not market their phone as a brand but rather as a feature-rich device. No one says, “I want to be cool and get an S6 because rock stars have the S6.” No one says, “I want an S6 because my friend has the S6.” People want to buy Samsung because they lead in cell phone technology and produce a quality product for a quality price — unlike other companies that sell a brand name, make you pay twice the value, and give you less technology/features.

  1. Although I prefer iPhone 6 for their NFC card, Samsung is offering a 3 GB RAM whereas iPhone 6 is offering only 1 GB of RAM which is really matter.

  2. I prefer Samsung (for 1/1,5) year in future, but just if I Need a phone for 1-3 months i will take iphone.

      1. Honestly, if you :
        * Talk with your hands
        * You need help finding the power button on electronics
        * You need things explained to you several times
        * You find words with three syllables or more difficult to understand
        * You need something easy to use and controlled by the manufacturer so you can’t do anything with it except what you are told
        * You want a phone only because you want to be cool like your neighbor
        * You don’t mind the technology being around two years old

        …then yeah… stick with the iPhone…

  3. Any apple product is far more advanced than any android devices out there. I don’t see any sort of touch ID on a Samsung, or any android device in fact. The functionality of the IOS operating system is far better than lollipop or KitKat. Also, there is siri, the virtual assistant. Even Samsung can not compete with that technology, I know because they tried with S voice, now that is just a joke, it is so much slower and never understands what you say. Now I do give Samsung props for there camera, its actually really good, although I wish it would run smoother and not be so laggy, and shutterfly option would be nice. Even when it just comes down to the animations and the beauty of the device I have to hand it over to Iphones. I do think they need to work on their screen durability though. And there is also iTunes, that in my opinion is probably the best music app there is, there is so much more song options to choose from that it is not even funny. Lastly, there is the app store, there is so many more apps to choose from than Google play, you can get cydia and an app called aptoide in the apple app store and through those you can get even more apps, and for free! I prefer apple over any android device, but Samsung is still a good brand, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I say either one is a good choice just choose wisely depending onbwhat you look for in your mobile device. Hope this helped, thanx

    1. ios 8 is a laggy app crashing mess, ios 9 is supposed to fix the problem. Wi fi bluetooth issues ongoing. The s6 has a far superior camera and this has been proved over and over, the s6 has a much better display the best in the world like its camera. All files can be sent to a usb flash drive including music all files can be sent in emails all files can be bluetoothed, the iphone is a dumbed down barbi phone. Its now sept 2015 and the s6 is a far better phone than the iphone proved countless times, but the mindless among us dont hear this. I was downloading apps and music and upgrades wirelessly since 2008 apple was always tied to a pc like a belt to do anything like this, only the recent ones can do this trickery. Lp ddr4 ram samsung s6 lpddr3 iphone. Qhd screen samsung 750p screen iphone 1gb ram to 3gb galaxy. The s6 camera is light years ahead of the child like iphone. But people like you who have no understanding of anything electronic just dont get it. In basic understanding of english here when you were playing with dolls as a child i was building the electronic kits. This is why when i see comments like yours i think childish dribble.

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