Samsung Galaxy S7 Price, Release date, Specs, Features and Images

Want to know about Galaxy S7 Release Date and all the other information like Specifications, features, price and concept images. Then, you should read this complete post to get better idea.

It’s February and you must be happy to know that Samsung is about to launch their highly rumored Galaxy S7 on MWC event. You will see Galaxy S7 Edge model along with normal one. To know more about price, unique features and specs, please check my detailed post below.

Samsung is trying hard to completely modify their upcoming S7′s designs and you might see slick, elegant powerful device from them. It will have wireless charger and comes with wearable device.

Update of January 2016: S7 will have powerful data transfer sensor which is in double the speed of NFS from Sony Xperia. You just need to two Samsung phone to initiate the process and within couple of secs you can transfer big chunk of data. No need to use any Xender or any other data transfer apps now.

Samsung is by far the most used mobile phone in the world. The authority of Samsung came when they introduced the Samsung Galaxy S Series. The Galaxy S series have been the consumers’ choice for they always meet the demands of the ever changing trends in technology. Statistics show that Galaxy S series have sold over 200 million units. This is after the Samsung S5 was released. So, the Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge have not been included in the sales for they are yet to hit the market.

Major Update: S7 will have attached battery with powerful features. According to that, you will able to share battery of other Samsung device. So, if you are running with low batter then you need to just turn on this advanced battery sharing feature to get power from other user. That’s all without any cable. This will be the one of major feature from Samsung.

Galaxy S7 Release Date: The game changer smartphone

Update for you: Upcoming s7 and edge will be the first ever smartphone by Samsung to have latest Marshmallow ( Android 6.0 ) operating system. As you can see that today marshmallow is hot topic in Android users and company is trying hard to get benefit of that. S7 will be the first from Samsung to have marshmallow and Samsung Note 6 Galaxy will be the first from Note series. Alternatively you should also think about release of note 6 edge, as It will have external micro SD card slot too.

Update (October) : There is strong rumor that Samsung will reveal their upcoming and most desired flagship Smartphone S7 Edge on January of 2016. You may see scratches-proof and sock-proof metal body available in four different colors.

Of great interest here is the Samsung Galaxy S7. In here, we will look at all the rumors about its release dates, expected specs and features together with the price. As expected, there is no official news from Samsung electronics concerning the release of Galaxy S7 edge. But that does not stop the people from knowing what is in the making from this giant mobile company.

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August Update: There is strong rumor that Samsung S7 could be the first Smartphone to have holographic display. We haven’t get any confirmation from them but people are talking that they have just applied for patent for holographic phone. So you might see that on upcoming s series.

Company just released Galaxy S6 Edge plus and Note edge plus, So if you are in hurry then you should go for any of these handsets.

Expected Release date for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Well, there is no official communication from Samsung Electronics that can confirm when the new Samsung S7 will be released. However, insider sources have already leaked the strategy of Samsung and we now have the expected dates. The new Samsung Galaxy S7 will probably be released in the first quarter of 2016. This is because, the company has to watch its competition and respond aggressively to any threats from its main competitor, which is Apple. It is understood that some of Apple’s unsatisfied customers are going for the Samsung phones and therefore, a clear strategy has to be in place for the company to maximize on profits. So, 2016 is the year to watch out for the biggest invention after the S6.

samsung galaxy s7 release date

What are some of the Expected Specs for Galaxy S7?

This is the part that matters most to the eagerly waiting customers. There is so much expectation given the pace set by the S6. The manufacturer, Samsung Electronics, will also be watching keenly on what Apple will be releasing in the market before the first quarter of 2016. Our inside source, reveals that Apple are planning on releasing iPhone 7 which will outdo galaxy S6 and therefore Samsung company has no option but to widen their range of specs for the S7. Here below are some of the expected specs of S7.

  • 4 GB RAM

Just think of your laptop and what it can hold in terms of capacity. Well, most of the laptops have a lesser RAM than what the S7 will be offering. 4 GB is not a joke. This has sparked excitement since there are many benefits of having a big space like this. So, all your office work can be done in this gadget. This is just the preliminary figure that has been given; we can still expect more if Apple will come with anything of this size by then. Therefore sit back and expect a minimum of 4 GB RAM!

  • 64 bit Processor

It will be the first android smartphone to have the 64bit Exynos processor. For an improved speed, there will be a 3.5 GHz processing power. With this, expect the fastest speed that one can enjoy with a phone.

  • 32/64 and 128 GB memory

The Galaxy S series are known to be philanthropic with internal memory unlike their competitors. The trend is bound to continue with the new Galaxy S7 expected to be holding up-to 128 GB of internal memory. Thing could change along the way given that S6 is also carrying the same capacity and S7 is an improved version of S6. It is believed that Samsung Electronics are spreading out the rumor of  ‘big internal memory’ to fool Apple and other competitors but come the first quarter of 2016, there will be a great surprise.

Of course there are many other specs that the phone has but the above mentioned are some of the unique ones that no phone in the market has.

The Amazing Features of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

There are new and improved features in the to-be released S7. All the new features have been released to counter all the existing features from other competitors and the previous versions of the S Series. Here below are some of the new features to watch out for.

  • 30 Megapixels camera

Who could ever have thought of a 30 megapixel camera for a phone? Well, it is no longer a dream for soon enough it shall come to reality when the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released. Just to highlight a bit, the 30 megapixel will be at the rear of the sleek phone and also there shall be 10 MP for the camera at front. There will also be a newly introduced GigaPixel feature that will help you in shooting your image with more accuracy and clarity.

  • Super Amoled Display

There are some phones enjoying Amoled display but this one will have a super amoled display that is 4k, 5.5-inch.

  • Waterproof Technology

Water will be no longer a problem to this phone for it will be equipped with a waterproof technology that will guard it against water. Users will also be guarded against dust that may harm a mobile device. Therefore, the whole body will be dustproof.

  • 5G Network Connection

While other mobile companies are still trying to get hold of their 4G networks, Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a 5G network connection that will boost your browsing experience. No more delays when downloading anything from the internet for the 5G technology is really fast.  Also on network, there will be a super fast WIFI to enhance connectivity to the internet.

  • Infared Sensors

One of the most amazing features that people should wait to experience is the infared sensor that will be there. It is said that the sensors will be able to measure your body temperature and give an accurate and efficient measure. This is just so amazing that it should be released today!!

There will be many more silent features that Samsung will be adding to give you superb experience.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price: Country-wise

The phone will be sold at the following prices in different countries.

US: $999

UK: $999

Canada: $999

India: Rs 68,500

Italy: €840

Denmark: 6240 Danish Krone

Australia: AU $ 1,245

Germany: €840

Belgium: €840

South Africa: 11,145 South African Rand

Indonesia: 11,542,264 Indonesian Rupiah

Malaysia: 3,652 Malaysian Ringgit

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge will be out in 2016 and everybody should make necessary arrangements to purchase this phone as soon as it is out. We regularly update this page once we get the information from our sources. If you want to know more details then you should join our email newsletter. You will get Free alert for all the ongoing rumors.

If you have any queries or question or want some special features to be added then you can post that by commenting here.

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