Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6S (7) – Compare them

Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S: How do they Compare?

Competition between two of the most popular high-end mobile phone manufacturers is set to take another turn when their latest models will be released later in the year. Samsung Company is set to release its new Samsung Galaxy S7 while Apple is set to release its latest model, the iPhone 6S. Even before their official release dates are announced, there have been questions as to which of the two will be better than the other. If you are confused between Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S then here is the comparison post for you.

Samsung and Apple are perennial competitors and each company has done all it can to ensure that its latest smartphone will be the best in the market. Of course, Samsung has been leading in terms of sales from high-end mobile devices. But Apple is determined to change this trend this time round. The features of the two rival smartphones are what will make them sell more in the market. In a bid to determine which of the two smartphones is better than the other, we will highlight comparative features and see which among the two is better than the other.

Release Dates for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 6S (or iPhone7)

Both the marketing departments of the two rival companies are keen on deciding on the best date to release their latest devices to have the best impact in the market. Sources reveal that we are headed for a showdown this year for the two companies might release these two great phones in the month of October. Given that Samsung has just released its Galaxy S6, some sources suggest that the company may push the release date of Galaxy S7 till December.

But their release dates don’t matter as such since they all have to be released before the end of the year and the dates have to be close to each other so as to hit on competitor’s market. The specs and features of these phones are what form the basis of discussion here below where they will be highlighted and compared between the Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6s smartphones with an aim of finding out which is more superior to the other.

Comparative Features – Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S or Apple 7

  • Design

The design of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 will be an improvement of its predecessor, Galaxy S6 which had smooth edges. Of course the edges of the new S7 will be curved to give it a stylish and elegant look.

On the other hand, iPhone 6S will be maintaining their old tradition in designing their iDevices. iPhone has tried to improve the curving of the edges but it has still maintained the old elegant look of an iPhone. Those who were waiting for a change in iPhone’s design have thus been disappointed.

  • Size and Weight

It is expected that there will be a difference of 1 gram between the S7 and iPhone 6S with the Samsung S7 being the lighter one. Though iPhone 6S will be weighing more than the S7, it is the Samsung S7 which will be bigger in size. The big size has been seen as an inevitable trend.

  • Display

Samsung will again emerge victorious in the display war between the two rival phones. Samsung’s screen display will be of 5.7 inches while iPhone 6S will be 5.5 inches. Again, the screen resolution will be a Samsung’s win with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 against iPhone’s 1920 x 1080.

Samsung S7 will have the AMOLED display type while iPhone 6S will have the IPS display type. Of course all the display types have their pros and cons but the AMOLED type is usually seen as a much superior compared to IPS though this is arguable.

  • Camera

Both phones will have rear and front cameras for maximum pleasure in photo and video taking. To enhance this experience, the new S7 will come with camera resolution of 21 megapixels for the rear camera and 8 megapixels for the front camera.

This will be against iPhone 6S resolution of 16 megapixels for the rear camera and 5 megapixels for the front camera.

Needles to say, Samsung S7 has won the camera battle against iPhone 7.

  • Battery

Both the two phones are coming with amazing batteries that can keep power for quite a long time. This is to mean that rate of loosing battery energy will be low on both phones. The iPhone 6S has been on test and it was revealed that its battery drops 12% of its total energy when streaming video over Wi-Fi with a display brightness of 75% for one hour. The same settings for the new Galaxy S7 will drop its battery charge by 10%.

  • Fast Charging

The new Galaxy S7 will come with pre-installed fast charging feature that allow its battery to be charged to full energy within a few minutes. Unfortunately, iPhone 6S doesn’t have this feature.

galaxy s7 or iphone 6s - which is best?

Talking of charging, the new Galaxy S7 will have a built-in wireless charging.

  • Storage

Here is where Apple’s iPhone 6S will emerge to be better than Samsung Galaxy S7. iPhone storage will extend from 16 GB to 128 GB against S7’s maximum of 64 GB.

  • Split Screen Multitasking

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have the ability to split the screen to allow for multitasking while its competitor, iPhone 6S, will not have this feature. Those who are fond of multitasking definitely have the Galaxy S7 as their better option.

  • Operating System

The two competing phones will be running on different operating systems with Samsung galaxy S7 going for the latest Android platform, Lollipop, while iPhone will be using the iOS 9. Noting that iOS and Android are completely different OSs, determining which is better than the other can be a bit hard. But even so, most people find iOS to be better than Android. Android allows anything to get into its play store while iOS has always maintained a high quality only Apps on their store.

  • Price

As usual, the price of iPhone 6S will be higher than Samsung Galaxy S7. Upon release, iPhone 6S will retail at $850 while its competitor will retail at $800.

Which should you buy? iPhone 6S vs Galaxy S7?

In view of all the features presented above, it is very clear that Samsung Galaxy S7 will be better than iPhone 6S. Samsung’s price is also cheaper than iPhone’s. So why should you go for an expensive phone with lesser features and leave a superior phone at a fair price? Only Apple’s diehard fans will make such a decision. But generally, a sober mind would definitely go for the new Samsung Galaxy S7 to enjoy the wide range of features that have not been seen in other smartphones.

7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6S (7) – Compare them

  1. How come on ur website you guys always put fake information about your phone. First fact the iPhone 6s is 6% lighter then the new Samsung and is retailed at around 649 compared to your 699. There is also the fact of copying off of your opponent but still can’t make it better. I can list more facts but I won’t and when u compare an iPhone to a Samsung the iPhone still comes out on top.

  2. The iphone is like a childs toy against the Galaxy s7. The s7 screen like the s6 is voted best in world, the s6 camera is voted better than iphone 6s and the s7 looks like in another league. The ram on the s7 is 4gb running android m the iphone is 2gb. All files can be shared to any device or computer on the planet bar apple devices. The iphone cant share any thing, its a toy phone for girls and grandparents to use, nothing wroong with that, but i download and share like a boss to sd cards usb drives all cloud serices and share all files to friends. The iphone Cant.

  3. iPhones always lack on paper , but in real life the iPhone will be better, the price is higher for a reason check it out first.. There’s also a reason Apple is the best in the business for a reason

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