Top Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases Review to Protect Cell Phone

Samsung has been releasing a series of high end phones that have captured the market for quite a long time. The series have offered both the young and the old good options when it comes to trendy stuff. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been in the market for quite a long time that has made people wonder when the next series will be released. But the long wait is nearly over with the expected release of the Samsung Galaxy S6. As you know that company has released the S6 on 1st of March 2015.

galaxy s6 protective samsung cases

Given the value of the phone, it will only be good if you get a case from a leading case provider. This will help in ensuring the safety of the phone so as to last longer. To be mentioned below are some of the top cases providers that you can use to protect your galaxy S6.

Review : Top Brands for buying Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

The Galaxy S6 is also amongst the highly priced in the current market. Its high price has made mobile case companies to manufacture cases that will efficiently protect the smartphone to avoid any kind of monetary loss. There are a number of companies that have released cases but only a few can be counted to be the best. Here are some of the trusted and highly popular brands that you you should consider buying protective case and skin for your new Smartphone.

1.) LifeProof – Three in One Case is a leading case provider in the world. Their cases for phones have been built in perfection. Now that we are talking about S6, LifeProof takes no chances in making this case become the best to match this phone.

lifeproof fre case

The case is sleek and has the elegant touch for those who mind this feature. The quality is high and it is expected that it will last longer than other cases in the market. Its durability is one among the best features of this phone case. Again, it fits the phone perfectly well that you cannot even tell that there is case.

  • WaterProof: When the case is fully closed, it can be submerged in water and stay in there for more an hour. This caters for emergencies that may be caused by kids in the house.
  • DirtProof:They use the latest technology to ensure that the S6 is fully protected from any kind of dirt.
  • Snow Proof : Another amazing feature of the case is that it can withstand the extreme harsh weather conditions that include snow. You can comfortably expose your S6 in the snow so long as it has the LifeProof case cover.
  • Shockproof : This is a qualitative feature that works to guarantee users of this case a lasting duration with this case. It can survive drops of up to 2 meters making it among the best cases in absorbing shock.

All these unique and protective features only cost $$. BUY IT NOW.

OtterBox – Smartphone Case Series

It is yet another brand selling amazing galaxy S6 phone case. The manufacturer of this cover case has put all the considerations that a user may think of. One of the most amazing features you will find in this cover case is the multiple layers that it has. There are 3 layers for multiple protection of your phone. The first layer is the screen protector layer then polycarbonate inner layer and finally the synthetic rubber outer layer. To add on to this, it has an inbuilt screen that will ensure your S-6 screen is not scratched even a bit. It also has port cover that keeps off dust from your phone. This makes your phone efficient at all times.

otterbox samsung s6

A customer made a testimonial of how he had dropped his S5 phone from 2nd floor but thanks to the OtterBox cover case, the phone never got a scratch. Protecting the S6 will definitely be easier since they have the needed technology in place. We are expecting even bigger for upcoming Galaxy S7. OtterBox has released different series of cases for the S6 depending on the need of a buyer. The series include:

  • Defender Series : Specially built to provide rugged protection. It has 3 layers that protect the phone from accidental drop. The price range for the defender series is from $14 – $60.
  • Commuter Series :This series has been designed for those who are always on-the-go. The phone is protected with 2 thick layers that keep it safe from dust and accidental drop. Price range is from $19 – $39.
  • Symmetry Series : This series was specially meant for those who want to maintain a stylish look even with the S6 under a case. The case has been designed in a stylish appeal. It has scratch and drop protection. Depending on the individual taste, the price is anywhere in the region of $39 – $44.
  • Alpha Glass Screen Protector : This series dwell more on protecting the screen. The screen protector has a very reactive touch that makes one feel that they are just using the normal screen glass.

Stylus Pen + Sports Wrist Band Black Case with Cleaning Cloth

Amazon is a leading online retailer in the world. This company has guaranteed the sale of a Samsung galaxy S6 case by OEAGO.

amazon s6 skin

Though the sale is by OEAGO, Amazon is fulfilling the sale therefore taking responsibility for the cases sold here. This specific case has some unique features as highlighted below here.

  •   Protects from All Damages : The manufacturer of this case has guaranteed any user that his/her Samsung galaxy S6 will be protected from any external damages. Some of these damages include bumps, scratches and shocks among many others.
  • Fits your Device Perfectly : It has been designed to fit the S6 perfectly without blocking any of the external ports. This makes the phone easy to carry around. You also do not have to remove the skin to use the buttons for they are well fitted in the case.
  •  Free Gifts : For any purchase of this case from Amazon, there are 3 gifts given for free. These are stylus pen, sports wristband and a cleaning cloth, all from OEAGO.

Cash Mat – Brilliance Case

It is a leading smartphone case manufacturer. Even before the official announcement of the release of the Samsung galaxy S6, Case Mate had already begun making the cases.

brilliance casemate

It is believed they had a hint on what Samsung was braining in the market. These cases are among the most classic for this type of a phone. It has crystals that make it look shinny and elegant. Its unique features include the following:

  • Genuine Crystal : The cover case is covered with genuine crystals that have been accented with premium leather.
  • Thin Layers :To make it appear more elegant, the company made a dual thin layer. It is an ultra slim case but works to protect the phone as efficient as other thick layered cases.
  • Elegant Look :This is the only case that is elegant. It is made of crystals and leather that are well coordinated with metal button accents.

This elegant case costs $80 but is worth the high price.

  • Griffin

Also known as Griffin technology, Griffin is a brand that has produced some of the best cases for phones, more especially Samsung smartphones. There are different designs offered by Griffin technology. The company makes different designs knowing well that there are people with different tastes when it comes to such things. If you are a cool guy who doesn’t like flashy things, then there is an option for you. There are also options for sportsmen who are fond of running up and down to ensure that their phones are safe. Galaxy s6 would be better than iPhone 6 but still you need case that can protect your phone from extreme weather conditions that may injure your phone. This brand is highly recommended for people who engage in activities for they will have an advantage protecting their phone from any physical harm.

Verus – Dual Layer Protective Card Slot Case

Verus USA is a seller of galaxy S6 cases at world’s leading online retail shop, Amazon. Amazon has undertaken the responsibility to fulfill the sale of Samsung galaxy S6 that comes with so many features. This case is one of its kind possessing unique features as highlighted below.

  • Tough and Slim : This case is one of the toughest and slimmest cases meant for galaxy S6. It serves all the protective purposes and also does not appear to be bulky.
  • Card Storage : The case has provision that allows the user to store two IDs and credit cards. This is a convenient way of traveling with your phone.

amazon s6 case

This case is highly recommended for those who travel a lot or have to carry identification everywhere they go to. The case is sold at $$ in Amazon.


Samsung Galaxy S6 cases made by Incipio are also among the best in the market. They offer complete protection and they are also elegant. While other companies think more of protecting your phone, this one thinks beyond that to offer a unique case that will remain to be appealing in the eyes of many people. Ladies, more especially, have all the reasons to use this case to protect their S6 smartphones. It can be specially designed to fit an individual’s taste or desires. If you want to have any writing on the case, you can make a pre order from the company indicating your desired writings.


Proporta has been known in selling a number of Samsung galaxy cases in the market but it has also released its own brand that started selling the S5 cases. Now that the S6 is just about to be released, they have announced on offer the galaxy s6 cases for this phone. The cases are very unique and have the elegant touch, thanks to the main production material, which is leather. It is a flip cover case that can also double up as a stand when you want to watch a movie from your phone.


i-Blason is also among the best cover case manufacturers. The cover case that has been built for S6 is one of its kinds. The cover has a dual layer for maximum protection against any possible external damages. On the back of the cover case is a nice inbuilt stand that works to make sure that your movie experience is boosted. You therefore do not need to hold your phone while you are watching a movie. You simply have to open up the stand and enjoy the movie from a distance.

Things to look when you purchase cases of Galaxy S6

There are those who always want to keep everything Samsung. For this reason, there will be a Samsung cover case for galaxy S6 manufactured by Samsung Company. But for this case, you just have to wait until the official announcement of the release of the Galaxy S6 which will be in March. If you are patient enough you will get it. Otherwise, it is a nice cover case that offers the basic protection. Much emphasis has been put on protection and not beauty.

At the time of purchase the Galaxy S6 cases you should make sure that it is waterproof, shockproof and rustproof too. Nowadays, leading brands offer that but if you go for cheap case then you will ended up having just simple nice looking case which won’t help you to keep your cell phone protected from water, shock etc. Also compare the price and designs too. Come company offer case with extra accessories, like bike mount, car stand etc. So check if you are going to get that for FREE with your purchase. Also make sure that you will get your order for Free Shipping or not. After all many time we have to pay tens of dollars for just shipping only. You should also check my review of Note 5 for before you place an order.

It should be noted that the above mentioned are some of the best cover cases brands that you can use with your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. It is important to purchase these brands so as to get the best quality in the market. Amazon offers the best option to where you can buy these cases from.

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  1. Do Not Buy the LifeProof Case! The company has horrible customer service to follow the failure of their product. Also, the product does not live up to the promised protection levels advertised. My phone took a 4 foot fall and the case did not stop the screen from cracking. I contacted LifeProof and the only solution offered was a replacement of the case. No refund, no help with shipping and screen replacement costs. So, not only am I now out of the $80 cost of the case, I now have to incur a $100 shipping cost plus a $240 screen replacement cost. Thanks LifeProof. Your case did not do as advertised. You lie on your packaging. If you search around you will see I am but one of thousands of people who LifeProof screwed. LifeProof needs to stand behind their product and make whole the people who have suffered damages from their false claims of “protection”.

    1. George,
      Do you like the Ghostek Atomic2? Does it effect the reception and how does it alter voice and hearing? Thanks for your time and info.

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